Maya's renumber option in render settings

Monday, January 18, 2010

So I'm working on a super quick turn around short film. There are several shots that use basically the same animation, but I look at it from different angles to help minimize the amount of animation I actually have to create. Enter Maya's renumber frames option.

Each shot is the same frame length (15 frames). One shot starts at 1023 and goes until 1038. I rendered that shot out just fine, then went back into the Maya file, repositioned the camera, and then rendered with a new name, but also used the renumber frames option. I told the frames to start numbering at 1129.

While I could have just written them out with a different name (this would have not overwritten the other frames), I wanted to get the frame numbers correct during the render, so there would be no question as to where they should go in the edit.

Another little used feature of Maya that proved to be quite helpful!


Anonymous said...

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